[talk-ph] Tagging bridges and tunnels

Ronny Ager-Wick ronny at ager-wick.com
Thu Feb 19 05:10:22 UTC 2015

Thanks again, Pierre,

First of all, I think I made that roundabout ages ago and forgot to add the
junction=roundabout tag. Fixed. That will surely help! I've also fixed unnamed
road sections near roundabouts, so I will rest the routing again later when it
has been updated.

What do the rest of you think of renaming all ref tags to ref:ph? I know it
would make sense here, and probably everywhere outside of Metro Manila, but
what about Manila?
I assume C-5 is this type of reference, and it's in common use there, isn't
it? But I also think EDSA has a reference that nobody cares about, so it's not
If the consensus is that we would be better off putting these tags on hold
(making them ref:ph instead of ref), I assume this could be done through a
batch routine? We would have to make very sure that we only remove references
that are confusing, not ones that are actually in use, if any.


On 2015-02-19 11:12, Pierre BĂ©land wrote:
> Hi Ronny,
> for the refs that are not implemented yet (ie no signs on the road), you
> could convert to ref:ph
> This way, it would keep the reference and it would be easy later to convert
> back.
> On the map, both the ref and the road name are showed. I am not sure that
> the name will be showed by the routing applications if you remove the ref.
> You will see the result if you look at areas where there is no ref.
> About the roundabout in the calculator, we see in this link that small
> segments with no names are reported as unamed. 
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/directions?engine=osrm_car&route=15.1653%2C120.6177%3B15.2239%2C120.5914#map=20/15.16086/120.60972&layers=H
> You could try to discuss on the osm main list about this reporting how this
> new routing feature could be enhanced.
> Pierre

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