[talk-ph] Let's talk about Daang Maharlika Highway (Asian Highway 26)

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Fri Feb 27 13:32:20 UTC 2015

I will first assume that DPWH's Philippine National Highway Network (NHN)
map as current and official information:

Is the "Route 1" referred in above map exactly equals AH26 updated route?

Because, according to DPWH Department Order N0.15-2009:
http://www.dpwh.gov.ph/pdf/issuances/DO/09/DO_015_S2009.pdf which requires
the DPWH to install "Route Markers" along Asian Higway (AH26) route
"comprising MOSTLY segments of the Daang Maharlika commences from Laoag
City and finally ends at the international seaport in Zamboanga City"
-->take note of the word MOSTLY, which possibly means "not all" of Daang
Maharlika. So which which? (best evidence is EDSA - AH26 was rerouted from
an original alignment)

So until verified on actual AH26 signboards in the field, map tracers may
still assume it's aligned to the common Maharlika Highway as we originally
know, as written on roadsigns, or as indicated on DPWH's NHN Route map.

About the official name (observations):
1. I already saw a couple of old signboards on the road and heard from
locals the name Maharlika Highway (particularly in the Laguna and Quezon
2. I have seen many articles referring to AH26 as the "Daang Maharlika
Highway" or its acronym/short_name DMH mentioned in some govt contracts,
and also the official shortened name "Daang Maharlika"
3. BUT I have yet to see an old existing road sign that says "Pan
Philippine Highway" or any relatively new article using said "Pan
Philippine Highway" that was not based (or influenced) by the wiki article
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pan-Philippine_Highway#References. What era
was Pan-Philippine Highway

Can somebody change the wiki article's title from "Pan-Philippine Highway"
to the officially recognized and used "Daang Maharlika" or "Daang Maharlika
Highway"; and just refer to the former as a historical trivia or as an
alternative name?

Re: EDSA and C-4 use on ref tag

I learned from certain edits of user:joyvious324 that putting two values of
ref is officially recognized and rendered on mapnik. I also happen to like
the looks and functional (on mapnik) but I don't know if it will mess up
Garmin ref rendering and on my favorite Maps.me apps.

(eg. on EDSA's route marker C-4 on top of "1" using ref=C-4;1)

Proposal (to use 2 values on ref) instead of ref=1 and int_ref=AH26:

-Calling said road as C-4 is more of a trivial/historical thing, than being
more useful info in giving direction, when you are actually referring to
the world famous EDSA (except for the northernmost portion of this road
called C-4 for lack of name);

and because of the fact that we are being ordered to use both Route 1 and
AH26 per compliance with DPWH D.O.15-2009, and as evidenced by the physical
route marker already placed along EDSA
see picture on:  http://www.rappler.com/newsbreak/iq/74846-ah26-road-sign

I would like to propose that we experiment the use of "ref=1;AH26" tag (at
least on EDSA for about 1 to 2 months pending observation if it well mess
up the rendering in Garmin and other smartphone apps. :-)

Relevance of this topic (AH26) was the Mamasapano Incident, wherein the
main Mamasapano Highway was referred to a possibly erroneous name
"Maharlika Highway" by many Senators and was already put on official
records on Senate investigation. (basing on Google Map data and also
previously on OSM which were both based on the wiki Pan Philippine Highway
which may still be referring to the old AH26 alignment or a wrong info). In
th future, the readers of this Senate report will be confused looking at a
different road, which will not correspond to the new updated data on our
digital maps (google or osm).

There's a need for us to update and/or verify changes in the official
routes of all other primary and secondary roads.
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