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Like :-)
But what's the reason why they don't want rice puddies mapped?

I also don't map rice paddies (it adds unnecessary clutter and makes the
map hard to look at).

In the case of http://tasks.hotosm.org/project/969 I decided to do the
opposite and experiment mapping rice paddies (landuse=farmland) and coconut
trees (landuse=orchard) (related to the on-going military operations over


I am biased towards mapping names neighborhoods (sub villages / sitio

The trick is to look for the village center of a particular community. But
since there is no way of verifying a particular sitio's boundaries (on
ground), I thought identifying farmland boundaries/polygon can define the
shape of populated places... instead of mapping residential polygons

-Most people don't live in the middle of ricefield (for obvious reason) -
access roads and prone to flooding
-Most people live near the the roads
-Some people lived under the cover of coconut leaves (coconut plantation) -
(where tagging landuse=residential can be tricky) - for something you
cannot see/verify
-Some are not visible under clouds (bing)

So if I tag majority of the rice fields, then I narrow down the focus of
hunting the center of the sub-villages (sitios).
Because leaving them "blank" for other mappers in OSM, then it can mean
anyhing, eg. like unmapped areas.

But if you see it's a crop land, then you are assured it's mapped; that
there is less (or no) people in the particular polygon.

In Luzon, I usually look for "basketball courts" (both open and covered
courts); almost always near a barangay hall, health center, purok hall etc.
(the center of community)

I haven't been to Mindanao, at least in the above subject area. I cannot
find the basketball courts :-( So I'm hunting down clues for school grounds
and religious buildings. Maybe just maybe, they are equivalent to the
Luzon's "basketball courts" (as the center of activity of most villages).
Any ideas (from veteran Mindanao mappers)?

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