[talk-ph] Project NOAH-ISAIAH requires the help of the Openstreetmap Community for building footprints

Ervin Malicdem schadow1 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 07:58:05 UTC 2016

Please know that DOST-Project NOAH (Nationwide Operational Assessment of
Hazards) has recently launched *ISAIAH* (Integrated Scenario-based
Assessments of Impacts and Hazards)

Project NOAH has been developing hazard maps for the Philippines over the
past 3 years. And through ISAIAH, risk analysis maps will be developed this
year which needs OpenStreetMap data, specifically the building footprints,
as part of the data needed to calculate risk through a scenario-based

We invite the OpenStreetMap community, educational institutions and LGUs to
work with us in mapping your locality.

Please use the hashtag* #ProjectNOAH-ISAIAH* on your changesets.

We have set tasks in the HOT Tasking Manager for this purpose and we
started out in the province of Cavite.

*We will be adding tasks over the coming months and post them at this email

*Task 1636 - Project NOAH ISAIAH Cavite Map building footprints map-up*

*More about ISAIAH and the need for OpenStreetMap data.*

For LGUs and educational institutions who are interested to learn how to
map in OSM, please refer them to Project NOAH by emailing
info at noah.dost.gov.ph

Ervin Malicdem
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