[talk-ph] Determining school names by school identification number ("School ID")

Jherome Miguel jheromemiguel at gmail.com
Sun Jun 18 16:18:09 UTC 2017

While there are no follow-up discussion yet about the proposed DepEd public
school data import, determining the name of the school by school IDs (if
tagged) looks like a good idea. But what about a website to find the name
of a school by its school ID? While we can find the Philippine Standard
Geographic Code for each region, province, city/municipality, and barangay
through this page (http://nap.psa.gov.ph/activestats/psgc/), why not try
determining school names by school ID? School IDs can be found on roofs of
buildings in many schools, especially rural ones, as seen in aerial imagery
(if clearly visible), and we can tag it with the ref= tag, while the name
is not yet known.

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