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Hi Glen. Thank you for your edits. We're happy to have you.

Google's StreetView, unfortunately, shares a similar restriction to its Map
service, and also not a valid source of information. I recently [0] had to
redact data that was added from the map, that used this source for their

MapCentral, and any other copyright restricted sources, cannot also be
used. Either you collection this information yourself (an excellent
opportunity to stretch the legs, and get to know the neighborhood better),
or convince the data owners to re-publish this data on OSM.

In lieu of StreetView, you might like to try out Mapillary[1] or
OpenStreetCam [2] to capture street-level imagery yourself.


[0]: https://github.com/OSMPH/papercut_fix/issues/35
[2]: http://openstreetcam.org/map/

On Tue, Nov 28, 2017 at 10:42 AM Glen Scott <paverne at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm making some contributions to NW Pangasinan (I'm from Australia, my
> wife is from Alaminos) and would like to discuss some "rules" and seek some
> advice...
> I think I may have already broken one rule re road tagging, but not using
> the tag "service road" since that has a different use here.  But having
> found the Philippines conventions page I promise to fix those indiscretions
> in time...
> One question is around legitimate information sources - I understand
> Google Maps can't be used - but can street view be used (great for seeing
> the name of auditoriums etc.)?
> Can Mapcentral be used for Barangay names and borders or is there a better
> source?  I see the Mapcentral borders differ considerably to the Google
> Maps borders.
> I've sent one email to Alaminos City town hall re street names - no
> response to date but will give them a call of I don't hear from them over
> the next week.  Any other sources of street names?  Post office?  I'll be
> there next March and can always ask people on the street, though some of
> the streets in new sub-divisions don't appear to have houses yet....
> Regards
> Glen
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