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This could be useful for the Project NOAH cleanup task[0].

How's that going, anyway? Maning?


[0]: https://github.com/OSMPH/papercut_fix/issues/13

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John, Pierre,

I made some improvements to the select duplicate buildings script. It now
uses a spatial index, which makes it a lot faster on large datasets. It
also now uses the actual area of the buildings and their intersection, as
opposed to their bounding boxes. I will work on your other requests, but
may not have a lot of time for the next few weeks.



Select Duplicate Buildings
Selects duplicate, or near duplicate, area buildings in JOSM's active
A "near duplicate" is a building whose area overlaps another building's
area by more than 50%. Only the first building encountered of an
overlapping pair is selected. This is done so the issue does not have to be
looked at twice. The selected buildings are added to the current
Currently only works with buildings that are ways (not multipolygons).

To Run:
* Install JOSM's Scripting Plugin (only necessary once)
* Place file in a convenient location on your system (only necessary once)
* Click "Scripting" (on top menu bar)
* Click "Run"
* Click "..." button and select the script file.
* Click "Run"

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