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Sat Feb 25 21:13:53 GMT 2012

Hi Dragutin,

thank you. I personally like the buildings with 3D effect ;) and the search, that returns cyrillic even outside Serbia, if available. Therefor I have added cyrillic names (name:sr) to many large towns outside Serbia.


I will open a thread in the forum because I can not tell you excatly how it works. It was many try and error and many workarounds. It would be good to document it somewhere so that everyone can do it.

Kind regards

 Von: Dragutin Cvetkovic <drazha at maildrome.com>
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Gesendet: 21:32 Samstag, 25.Februar 2012
Betreff: Re: [OpenStreetMap Serbia] Oznake

I just took a look at your rendering, jeebus H christ, the mess is
most impressive.

Would it be possible for you to share the material that you used to
bring this GIS up and running? I got a couple of boxes sitting around
that I could employ with this work

I guess the first order of business would be to start implementing the
name:rs tag all over the place as at least that we all agree upon.


2012/2/25 Thomas <toba0211 at yahoo.de>:
> Am 25.02.2012 20:11, schrieb Predrag Milanovic:
>> Колико сам ја разумео ми смо заглавили на питању која слова ће бити
>> приказана на подразумеваној мапи на openstreetmap.org . Или другим
>> речима: шта се уписује у таг name . Нас би коштало 20-так евра месечно
>> (или колико већ кошта виртуелна машина) да поставимо tile-север који
>> би радио рендер и/или са ћирилицом и/или са литиницом - и испоручивао
>> исте по жељи. Али то би значило додатна подешавања да се она и
>> користе.
> Probably it would cost more. Rendering takes a lot of CPU power.
> This map is rendered on a Quad core with 12 GB RAM
> http://serbia.osm4people.org/?zoom=7&lat=44.15&lon=21.3&layers=00B000F
> The lack of CPU power can be offset to some extent by disk space when
> rendering low zooms in advance and caching it.
>> пс. Зашто расправу која се тиче ћирилице водити на енглеском?
> I hope not because of me. I can read Serbian with Google translate. If
> something is no clear, I can ask a Serb relative of my wife.
> Kind regard
> Thomas
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