[OpenStreetMap Serbia] Conflating boundaries between Romania and Serbia

Branko Kokanovic branko at kokanovic.org
Fri Mar 6 15:16:05 UTC 2020

Hi neighbours,
Serbian government recently exposed administrative boundaries as open data. You can find more details here[1]. We are now in process of fixing geometries/conflating boundaries inside country, but while at it, we also want to fix/conflate boundaries between our countries. I learned in OSM Romanian Telegram channel that you also have government data[2][3]. Our data is here, as shp[4] and as .osm[5].

I was skimming over this data and I don't see any glaring, big disputes between our boundaries. Most are in 5-10m ranges. Correct me if you see something different! However, when I compare what our govt say and what OSM currently have, differences are much bigger (up to 50-100m sometimes!).

That being said, I think it would be beneficial if we conflate OSM boundaries to some average of what our govt are saying. I am volunteering to do that, but I want to first see if there is any objection to my plan or some better proposals? Of course, it would be done manually, watching out for glued highways, national parks...

Thanks, Branko

[1] https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/imports/2020-January/006149.html
[2] http://geoportal.gov.ro/Geoportal_INIS/catalog/main/newventsViewer.page?newsId=1366
[3] http://geoportal.ancpi.ro/download_files/762fa3e0-ac45-4303-bb8b-07edfbd54843.zip
[4] https://kokanovic.org/osm/output4326.7z
[5] https://kokanovic.org/osm/rpj-v2.7z

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