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Colin Paton cozzarp at gmail.com
Sun Oct 4 20:59:42 UTC 2015


This is my first posting to this list, so please let me know if I'm posting
inappropriately! This list seems to have been used mainly for event
notification - should I post somewhere else for mapping queries?

I had cause to go to Belgrave Terrace in Edinburgh, and noticed it wasn't
found in the Open Streetmap Nominatim. I had to resort to using another
popular online map to find my answer!

The tenements at the bottom of Clermiston Road in Edinburgh are signposted
"Belgrave Terrace" and the ones further up are signposted "Clermiston
Terrace". These names aren't shown on the earlier OS maps I looked at, but
are physically sign posted.

I tried to fix this in https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/34436406 but
am not quite sure if I have done this correctly.

I split Clermiston Road, and added 'alt_name' to the new segments I
created. This appears to be how the various parts of "Leith Walk" (Croall
place etc) are added.

The physical signpost on the road says "Belgrave Terrace" but the City of
Edinburgh council atlas appears to show the road as Clermiston Road, but
the tenements as Belgrave Terrace.

I'm not sure if I've done this correctly - is alt_name correct, or should
these be the primary name, to match the street signs?

Finally - I really enjoyed being at SOTM and meeting people - many thanks
to all the hard work of the organisers. It's a shame I missed the events
today, but as it turns out I was too busy getting lost trying to find
unmapped streets!


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