[Talk-transit] All about bus stops

Corey Burger corey.burger at gmail.com
Fri Jan 9 00:59:10 GMT 2009

Hey all,

A shiny new list to talk about transit. Yay! There are a lot of
unanswered questions about bus stops.

* Beside way or in way
The current consensus seems to be to put it on the side. Make routing
difficult, but I suppose if we make all sidewalks footways, then that
would solve the issue.

* Shelters, benches and schedules
All of these things are amenities that may exist at a bus stop. Should
we adopt the namespacing that the piste mapping people are using? This
would mean that we would have things like bus_stop:shelter=yes and
bus_stop:bench=yes. Schedules can also just show the list of times, a
map or even an electronic sign. How do we want to tag each?

* Bus routes that stop at the stop
We can either tag them on the stop or add them to the route relation.
I favour the latter, as it makes it easier to change stops.

Anything else?


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