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On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 1:31 PM, Richard Mann <
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Choosing not to render a point because there's something else more important
> close by is relatively easy. Aggregating adjacent lines is much (much)
> harder. Identifying the number of lines that are adjacent is much
> (much) easier for the tagger than for the renderer.
> But I seem to be repeating myself; you either believe me or you don't.

I do believe you, and I haven't actually tried to implement such an
algorithm myself. It's just my instinct that we should be tagging the data
and letting the renderers worry about rendering algorithms later. However, I
agree that there's a balance to be struck.

Do relations solve the problem at all? If a track is part of a route
relation, then could a renderer use that as a means of aggregating the
tracks together?

Are there any Mapnik people we can involve in this discussion?


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