[Talk-transit] GO-Sync - a GTFS and OpenStreetMap data synchronization tool

Barbeau, Sean barbeau at cutr.usf.edu
Tue Feb 1 14:15:10 GMT 2011

Hi OSM users,
At USF we've been working on an open-source tool, GO-Sync (http://
code.google.com/p/gtfs-osm-sync/), that can synchronize General
Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) datasets with OpenStreetMap (OSM).
The goal of GO-Sync is to allow transit agencies to quickly upload their GTFS
datasets to help fill out multimodal OpenStreetMap data (vs. requiring
OSM users, who often aren't coordinating with agencies, spend time
manually coding these stops), and also allow transit agencies to pull
down crowd-sourced modifications (e.g., corrections in stop location,
additions of amenities, etc.) by OSM users for integration back into
the transit agency's bus stop inventory (and therefore into their GTFS
dataset for OpenTripPlanner and other transit apps).

We hope that GO-Sync will allow OSM users to focus on improving
existing GTFS bus stop inventories, rather than starting from
scratch.  Incorrect bus stop positions in GTFS datasets have been one
of the biggest challenges we've seen in the testing of our Travel
Assistance Device mobile app for GPS-enabled mobile phones (http://
www.locationaware.usf.edu/ongoing-research/<http://www.google.com/url?sa=D&q=www.locationaware.usf.edu/ongoing-research/> travel-assistance-
device/), which alerts travelers to exit the bus at the proper time.
GO-Sync is our attempt to help address this problem on a systematic
basis, and we hope that this tool is a starting point that the
community can build on.

We would like your feedback on GO-Sync, although please understand
that the tool is a work in progress.  We also understand that the
ultimate success of this tool from a transit developer's perspective
will require
willingness and effort (although hopefully not much) at transit
agencies to integrate data improvements back into their inventories,
so we would also welcome advice as to how to overcome this obstacle.
We've gotten feedback from one of our local transit agencies here
(HART) that has a GIS analyst, but given that agencies come in all
shapes and sizes having feedback from others would be good.

If others would like to contribute code/effort/wisdom to the project,
please let us know, as we would welcome collaboration.  We strongly
suggest reading the instructions on the GO-Sync Google Code site
before performing any bulk uploads of data into OSM, and please
remember that you must have the permission of owner of the data (e.g.,
transit agency) before uploading that data into OSM.  And, as always,
please respect other users work/data in OSM.

GO-Sync on Google Code:


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