[Talk-transit] Ideas for a simplified public transportation scheme

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The target of OSM is to map physical objects, however, a node that is „highway=bus_stop“ is not really a physical object. You could say it is the station pole, but what if there is no station pole, as the schedule is mounted on the wall of a house or inside a shelter, or just doesn‘t exist to begin with? Then this node is purely imaginary!

This is why I think only mapping a „platform“ (or rename it stop, waiting_point, whatever will you) is and should be the sole requirement. Any „stop“ node with all info would not be real! Some people would try to find some peace of mind by telling themselves „it is the pole/schedule cabinet“, but that is only lying to oneself.

Like this, it is even more made up than p_t=stop_position...

RobinD. (emergency99)
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> ...the logical object highway=bus_stop/railway=tram_stop cannot be
> mapped on the same area as the physical object
> highway=platform/railway=platform (as they use the same key).
1) highway=bus_stop is a physical object. In OSM we map physical
objects. To clarify - What do you mean by 'logical'?

2) Why to they need to be "mapped on the same area"? They are separate
entities. Objects close to each other can be easily found as OSM is
geospatially aware.


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