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Date: 2011/3/8
Subject: [OSM-talk] Android app Open GPS Tracker and direct trace upload
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Hi all,

I have a GPS logger in the Android Market and a few days ago I updated
it to a new version which includes uploading GPX files directly to

The app is called "Open GPS Tracker" can be found at

The source and app are available under GPLv3 license and to draw OSM
map tiles the osmdroid library is used. Google Maps is also a
possibility but this blocks the OSM traces upload feature. I've had
the app in the Market for about a year and a half now and managed to
get the app fairly stable and pretty efficient. I hope people here
might find the app useful their gps logging and osm data collecting on
Android. If you have any suggestions or idea's please let me know at
rcgroot(a)gmail.com or submit an issue at


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