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另一招過濾 large changesets 的 RSS

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From: Pavel Melnikov <positron96 at gmail.com>
Date: 2012/6/9
Subject: [OSM-talk] Presenting filter for openstreetmaps history RSS feeds
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Hello everyone! I've been a mapper for some years, and now I've
decided to do some coding. I've been using history tab in OSM website,
but it is usually filled with bot-generated changes that cover the
half of the world. I did not find any solutions to overcome this in
osm RSS feeds, so I've decided to make a filter that will filter out
these large changesets in RSS feed.

Now I present you guys this filter:
http://positron96.appspot.com/osmfilter.html .
At the moment the concept is simple: all changes with bounding box
larger that 20 degrees latitude or 40 degrees longitude are filtered
out from the feed. So far it's working for me, so I hope someone will
find it useful too.

Usage is described in project page, and is mostly simple. You get a
link to history RSS feed from openstreetmaps site (something like
and insert it into the only textbox on the page. First button will
lead you to filtered feed, second button will show you feed to
filtered feed.
URL for filtered feed can be created manually, syntax is:

Any comments, suggestions and reports are highly appreciated.
Pavel Melnikov

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