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Hello OpenStreetMap-pers,

The change to ODbL is imminent.  No, Really.  We mean it.

At long last we are at the end of the license change process.  After
four years of consultation, debate, revision, improvement, revision,
debate, improvement, implementation, coding and mapping, mapping,
mapping, it comes down to this final step.  And this final step is an
easy one, because we have all pitched in to do the hard work in
advance.  The last step is so easy, it will be a picnic.

On Wednesday, 12 September 2012[1], generation of the next Planet file
will begin.  At that point, the API will switch over to ODbL and
OpenStreetMap will be an ODbL-licensed Open Data project.  API
transactions and diffs consumed after that point will consist of
ODbL-licensed OpenStreetMap data.

About thirty hours later, that newly-generated planet file will be
available from <a
for you to consume with your renderers, routers, QA systems,
convertors and re-imaginers.

You won't want to mix ODbL diffs with old license planets or diffs.
Purge and reload your systems with the ODbL planet. Then consume the
ODbL diffs. Planet will have a new directory structure.  We're taking
this opportunity to rationalize the layout of planet directories a
bit. You should find it easier to get understand afterwards.  This
also means that you won't accidentally mix data of different licenses.


Mappers shouldn't see a difference and won't have to change their
mapping.  Continue to improve OpenStreetMap by mapping from your own
survey observations and using OSM-approved external sources.  Never
copy from other maps.

Data consumers

If you consume <a
data and publish it, we have some guidance for you on the wiki</a>.
You'll want to consider your obligations under the new license and
then proceed to purge your old data and switch to the new.  Many
consumers, such as custom renderers, will only need to update their
attribution of OpenStreetMap to the new simplified attribution.

Data consumers may time their upgrades to the new planet and diffs at
their convenience.

Best regards and happy mapping,
The Communication Working Group

[1] in case of rain, we won't cancel this picnic, just reschedule it
for the subsequent Wednesday, 19 September 2012.

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