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On 02/27/2013 05:55 PM, deng dongpo wrote:
>>>> 温泉、源泉(提案中) leisure=hot_spring 
>>>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Hot_Spring
I added this long time ago, but didn't follow up. Sorry.
>> Question would be: how to tag commercial hot springs and wild
>> hot springs respectively? Commercial hot springs are generally
>> like swimming pools with private tubs, while wild hot springs are
>> not.
>> So maybe use natural=hot_spring for wild ones and 
>> amenity=guest_house, hot_spring=yes for commercial ones. 
>> leisure=hot_spring can maybe refer to public hot springs, which
>> are like pools, but free of charge and without guest houses.
>> (Those are rare nowadays).
>> Thoughts?
>>>> 温泉旅館 amenity=guest_house hot_spring=yes
>>>> 温泉區、温泉街 place=suburb hot_spring=yes name=北投温泉
>> Why do we need this? Rather tag the hot spring locations
>> individually, not in the area.
> But hot_spring represents as a node not a area. In case someone
> would like to identify the area of hot spring. Is anyone also need
> it?

OK, sorry for causing misunderstanding. Yes, place=suburb is a node,
not an area, but it indicates an area on the map. I wouldn't see any
use of adding hot_spring=yes to a place=suburb node, rather tag the
hot spring locations individually (usually amenity=guest_house,

>>>> 彩券店 amenity=gambling (提案中) gambling=lottery (提案中)
>>>> 柏青哥店 amenity=gambling (提案中) gambling=pachinko (提案中)
>>>> 檳榔店 (建議用法,需再確認) shop=deli production=betel nuts
>> Are betel nuts a delicacy nowadays? ;) I would rather classify
>> them as road stands, since you can also buy drinks and cigarettes
>> there, not only betel nuts.
> I made this tag just for discussing, not really recommend to use
> it. You're right. Most of betel nut shops are in form of road
> stands. However, in Taipei City, at least in Nangang, there are
> very few betel nut road-stands, but many betel nut shops. To my
> best knowledge, road_stands is not a tag on the Wiki of Map
> Features? or proposing? discussing? This case made me think of "路邊
> 攤".

Yes, I know. So, in case of shops: shop=betel_nut (the primary reason
to have the shop), and in case of road stands:
amenity=vending_parlour, vending=betel_nuts;cigarettes;soft_drinks.
I wouldn't classify the as shop=kiosk, since I would expect primarily
newspapers and sweets in a kiosk. Kiosks are for example located on
some railway station platforms.

These tags are all proposed, of course. :)

>>>> 泡沬紅茶 (建議用法,需再確認) shop=beverages name=***
>> add beverages={tea, coffee, soft_drinks, juice, mixed, 
>> {tea|coffee|juice}_blends, ...} separate multiple values by
>> semicolon.
>> Example: shop=beverages name=Coco 大興店 operator=Coco (or whatever
>> the official name of that company is) 
>> beverages=tea_blends;coffee_blends;juice;mixed
>>>> 卡啦OK店(提案中) amenity=karaoke_box
>>>> 電子遊樂場 amenity=video_arcade
>>>> 米店(提案檢討中) shop=rice
>>>> 自動碾米場 amenity=vending_machine vending=rice_polishing
>>>> 戶外吸煙區 smoking:outside=yes
>> Isn't smoking only banned inside buildings? That would make the
>> tag obsolete, no? Smoking is still allowed outside anywhere,
>> isn't it?
> This case is often happened in hospitals and public offices.

You mean a dedicated area for smoking, while the rest of the area it
is forbidden?
Maybe a more general amenity=smoking_zone, could be indoor (within a
building (e.g. airport terminal)) or outdoor.

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