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Hi all,

panoramap.org shows a map of monuments around the world:


I built this website in 2013 with the support of the Wikimedia
Foundation (thanks!) and playing with all these beautiful data
was great fun.

I would like to spend some time enhancing it and I would *love*
to hear your ideas on what should be my priorities.

Here are a few ideas:

- clean up and optimize the (Clojure(script)) code
- fix the country selection (or just remove it)
- allow users to create accounts
- allow users to add monuments to "favorites"
- allow users to follow other users
- allow anyone/followers to see my favorites monuments
- allow users to add monuments to a wishlist
- allow users to add monuments to "I've been there"
- be notified when users I follow go to a place in my wishlist
- add a search engine
- [your idea]

Most importantly, I would like the map to be useful to wikimedia
and Wikidata in particular.  I don't know Wikidata that much, only
the basic principles, I never used the API in any project.

How do you think we could use panoramap.org to crowdsource info
on culture heritage entries in Wikidata (and Commons)?

Thank you very much for any idea, feedback, pointers, whatsoever!

All best,

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