[Talk-TW] Working together in improving Taiwan roads

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale於gmail.com
Tue 9月 6 10:06:29 UTC 2016


I'm Maning Sambale from Mapbox.  Our data team is looking at improving
road network for Taiwan in OpenStreetMap, this is similar to what we
did in Japan [0] last year.  This initiative is part of our mission to
make OpenStreetMap more navigable.

We are in the early stages of research and we will share our findings
soon.  Initially, we are seeing the following:

* Road coverage is very good especially for the major cities on the
west coast of the country.
* There were alignment issues in some major roads when compared to
Strava heat map (our team fixed some of them last week).
* It's difficult to use current Bing imagery because its old and they
are not aligned to Strava in some areas.

Before we proceed, it would be great to discuss with everyone here on
how we can work together.  I'd be happy to discuss in a conference
call if needed.

[0] https://github.com/mapbox/mapping/issues/120


Maning Sambale
Data team, Mapbox

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