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Rex Tsai rex.cc.tsai於gmail.com
Thu 9月 8 11:51:19 UTC 2016

Hi, Maning and friends from mapbox

Welcome and thanks for helping out improve the data for Taiwan community.

We have some tools for collaboration in local communities, we use
Facebook[0], trello[1], slack[2] for communication. And hackpad[3] for
documentation. Basically, all the tools are open to everyone, any
communities members can join the any of the services. They can file
task and call for help on trello, and file proposals and ideas on
hackpad. And we will generate monthly summary reports[6] before the
Taipei meetup, to let the community know what has bee done and what's

You are more than welcome to join us[4][5]. If you are old school, we
are also in #osm-tw channel on OFTC[7] (which bridged to slack #random
channel). Most of the documents are in Chinese, please ask if you have
any problem.

We also have a few tasks on improving data quality. One of approach is
Map's Watch team[8]. Basically, we use some scripts to forward the
changes of new mappers and notes to slack channel, and the team
members can triage in the slack. We also have some QA tool planning in
trello backlog[9][10], but don't have much bandwidth to implement them

You are more than welcome to contribute your views and investigations
on Taiwan's road data. Feel free to use any tools I mentioned to work
with local communities. As local communities, we can help on
explaining Road tagging system in Taiwan[11], and use the open data
map imagery from Taiwan government as a reference.

Coping @kcwu, who help to build some infrastructure tools for Taiwan community.

[0] https://www.facebook.com/groups/OpenStreetMap.TW/
[1] Trello 協同工作 - osmtw.hackpad.com -
[2] Trello - osmtw.hackpad.com -
[3] https://osmtw.hackpad.com/
[4] Join Trello:
[5] Join Slack: https://osm-tw.signup.team/
[6] Trello - osmtw.hackpad.com - https://osmtw.hackpad.com/ep/group/n2kYF6a24OV
[7] http://webchat.oftc.net/?channels=osm-tw
[8] 地圖守夜人 Slack 標準作業程序 - osmtw.hackpad.com -
[9] OpenStreetMap Backlog 挖洞填坑的建置 Osmose QA Tool | Trello -
[10] OpenStreetMap Backlog 挖洞填坑的翻譯 Osmose 1.0-2016-04-09 | Trello -
[11] Road tagging system in Taiwan -
[12] General Purpose Map in WMS/WMTS 臺灣通用電子地圖(不含等高線) -
[13] General Purpose Map with contour line in WMS/WMTS
臺灣通用電子地圖(套疊等高線,比例尺小於一萬八千分之一) -
[14] General Orthoimage Map in WMS/WMTS 臺灣通用電子地圖正射影像 -


2016-09-08 2:11 GMT+08:00 Dennis Raylin Chen <b92612009 at gmail.com>:
> Hi Maning
> It's great to see Mapbox improving the data quality. I saw there are several
> Mapbox accounts using the QA tool to fix small errors in Taiwan some times
> ago.
> I'm curious about how will Mapbox do to improve the data quality, especially
> to enhance the navigation part. And what the local community can do to help?
> Dennis
> aka Supaplex
> On Tue, Sep 6, 2016 at 6:06 PM, maning sambale <emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> 你好!
>> I'm Maning Sambale from Mapbox.  Our data team is looking at improving
>> road network for Taiwan in OpenStreetMap, this is similar to what we
>> did in Japan [0] last year.  This initiative is part of our mission to
>> make OpenStreetMap more navigable.
>> We are in the early stages of research and we will share our findings
>> soon.  Initially, we are seeing the following:
>> * Road coverage is very good especially for the major cities on the
>> west coast of the country.
>> * There were alignment issues in some major roads when compared to
>> Strava heat map (our team fixed some of them last week).
>> * It's difficult to use current Bing imagery because its old and they
>> are not aligned to Strava in some areas.
>> Before we proceed, it would be great to discuss with everyone here on
>> how we can work together.  I'd be happy to discuss in a conference
>> call if needed.
>> [0] https://github.com/mapbox/mapping/issues/120
>> 多謝
>> Maning Sambale
>> Data team, Mapbox
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