[Talk-us] bulk upload of data to OSM: roads, water, and orthos

John Callahan john.callahan at UDel.Edu
Wed Jun 25 17:42:07 BST 2008

The new road dataset was created directly from the local county planning 
departments and from our state Dept of Transportation.  This includes 
spatial line work as well as updated address ranges, postal codes, and 
names.   The data were then merged together to form a state-wide mosaic 
and fit to align with our high resolution 2007 orthophotography, which 
it does very well at about 1:1000 and fairly well (line still stays 
within street on photo, just not center) down to 1:200 in most areas.

Spatially it's no contest.  I've attached just a few simple images to 
show what I mean.  These show our new dataset in red vs TIGER 2007 in 
purple.  Remember that the red lines match the hi-res photography.

Attributes are also an improvement for geocoding, routing, and naming.  
Attached is a very small extract of the available data fields.   I work 
closely with our state GIS data providers and users (including county 
planning departments, DOT, Dept of Education, Dept of Env Resources, 
private consultants, University staff, etc...) and this new dataset is 
generally agreed upon as the best option.  There was a lot of money paid 
to work on this data and create a high-quality dataset.  The data I want 
to contribute to OSM is the "unrestricted" part of a larger data 
collection effort.  (I just checked the license agreement and it clearly 
states unrestricted rights to geometry and selected attributes (those 
attached in dbf file.)

This dataset does not have any POIs.  It is simply line work and 
attributes for mapping, routing, and geocoding.

Good question about contacting OSM editors of this data.  I can easily 
contact most of the GIS data professionals and 
govt'/consultant/University people who typically with transportation 
data.  However, that does leave out the single individual, say at home, 
who modifies the data.  Not sure how often that happens.  I can always 
keep an copy of the current OSM data before uploading the new data set 
and replace parts of needed.  Or is there a way to find any edits made 
since the intial loading of the TIGER?

- John

Dave Hansen wrote:
> On Wed, 2008-06-25 at 11:00 -0400, John Callahan wrote:
>> To answer your question...Yes, our new road dataset is a significant
>> improvement over current TIGER data (which I obtained from
>> http://www.census.gov/geo/www/tiger/tgrshp2007/tgrshp2007.html)
> Could you qualify that a bit for us?  How much better?  In what ways?
> Not only do we have the TIGER data itself, we also have the several
> months of work from mappers since the TIGER data was uploaded.  What I
> did before uploading the TIGER data, and *especially* before uploading
> over something was check with all the mappers in the area that I could
> find.  I showed them the TIGER data versus what they had and let them
> make the choice to either take it or leave it.  I think it would be nice
> to do the same for this new data set.
> If you see DaveHansen as the author, ignore me.  That was all from the
> TIGER upload.  
> -- Dave
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