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Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Sun May 11 07:49:25 BST 2008

I have been working in a number of areas and would appreciate some help and
a second opinion on what I have already done.

I am keen on the idea of 'virtual mapping parties' where a bunch of people
work on a focused area until it is done and then move on. It is good to have
someone with local knowledge, but loads of the work doesn't need that.

Here's my shopping list for help if you (our anyone else) is offering....

San Francisco bay area.
I have been sorting out the freeways in the whole area, de-duplicated most
of the west of the bay and done some detailed work in San Francisco, Foster
City and Sunnivale.

Could you check if you agree with my interpretation of highway tags (let's
talk on the list if you disagree fundamentally on something major so the
community can bottom out policy).

The Haywood area needs a good 'de-duplication' pass - zoom into Haywood BART
and start from there. In general I have found it best to keep the tiger
version for smaller roads (which tend to have more detail and be more
accurate about naming in tiger), but keep the pre-tiger data for freeways
where it exists (because it has two carriageways.

Dallas/Fort Worth
I have done a decent about of work on the larger roads, getting the tagging
somewhat correct, adding a secondary carriageway to freeways where required,
de-duplicating and doing a first pass on cleaning up freeway junctions.

Fyi, I have been using motorway for everything with ramps, primary for
everything without ramps that has two carriageways (but no ramps), and
unclassified for the parallel service roads beside 'motorways' where they
are used. Finally I have been using secondary for important single
carriageway roads. Not sure what, if anything, should be Trunk. Again lets
talk on the list about highway tagging if you think I am well off.

It would be great if you could continue with tagging of primary and
secondary roads for the grid. There are also loads of 'motorway_link'
sections that should probably really be 'primary_link'.

More work is need on some of the more complex motorway junctions. You might
like to check the directions and look for missing link roads make them flow

Dalla airport needs to be done if that is your sort of thing (runways,
taxiways, aprons etc)

I have been getting the highways more consistent in the Washington area,
have been sorting out the coastline/river and de-duplicating. I have done
what I can without knowing the area in person.

There are some freeway junctions that have defeated me which you might like
to look at. The 395/110 junction is a real challenge!

I am not very comfortable with my use of primary roads in central Washington
where the I66 crosses the Potomac. I don't know the area and I am not sure
how big they all are.

You could sort out all the parks and footpaths in the central area (Lincoln
Memorial to capital hill in particular).

There is an island just north of I66 on the Potomac river which is missing
that the riverbank is broken. I hoped someone was sorting that out, but it
still seems to be wrong and I am not very good with water features yet so
you might be able to help there.

Davis, CA
I have done a pretty complete job there but there are little stub footpaths
to add to connect the footpath spines to the local residential roads. The
aerial photography is great so it is quite possible to do without knowing
the area.



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