[Talk-us] Naming freeway exits and onramps?

Alan Millar am12 at bolis.com
Sun May 18 07:16:08 BST 2008

In Oregon, freeway exits have official numbers ("Exit 3", "Exit 85", etc.)

I've been adding these as names to the motorway_link segments, thinking it
may be useful on the map as well as possible routing uses (Take Highway
217 to Exit 7 to 72nd Ave, etc.)

However, I think the name scheme as given only makes sense for the off
ramps.  It doesn't really make sense for the onramps, even though they are
part of the same interchange.

Up to this point I have named the onramps with the same name, but I'm
wondering if I should use something else.  I could leave them without a
name, or name them something else like "Highway 217 onramp" or "Entrance
7" or "Highway 217 onramp 7" or...

No signage is ever seen relating the Exit numbers to the onramps, but my
retentiveness wants to do something useful with all parts of the

Anyone doing anything similar?  Any thoughts or suggestions?  Thanks.

- Alan

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