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Theodore Book tbook at libero.it
Mon Feb 16 15:37:05 GMT 2009

I think it would be great to get it all in as soon as possible.  I do 
see a few limiting factors, though:

* In some places, a lot of work has been done manually entering water 
features.  While I expect the NHD data is generally better, we have the 
tough issue of respecting other people's work (and not duplicating 
things in the database)

* The upload speed seems to be a limiting factor - it is taking me some 
70-80 hours to upload the one basis with bulk_upload.pl.  I am not sure 
how many basins there are in the country, but it seems as though it 
could take a year if it were all done sequentially.

* The scripts I used to convert the shapefiles to OSM only supported the 
features I found in this one basin.  They should be easy to extend, (or 
someone else may have better ones), but they would need to be tested.


Ian Dees wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 9:00 AM, Theodore Book <tbook at libero.it 
> <mailto:tbook at libero.it>> wrote:
>     If you haven't been following the wiki page, I have been doing some work
>     on the NHD dataset, and feel that I have gotten a decent OSM conversion
>     of the Etowah river watershed (north and northwest of Atlanta).  I am
>     going ahead and uploading that basin.  If you are interested in the
>     conversion, it would be great if you could take a look at it and give me
>     any feedback you may have.  Thanks.
> Excellent work! I think the next step is to list all of the subbasins 
> and start converting/importing.
> What is everyone's opinion on waiting for the API 0.6 upgrade? I'll bet 
> we could sneak in a complete import before...
> Also, do we want to have individuals make requests for data via the NHD 
> website or should I make another DVD-data-dump request to the NHD folks 
> and import the whole thing at once?
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