[Talk-us] Water Areas (NHD)

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at metacarta.com
Sun Jan 11 02:06:03 GMT 2009

So, I'm lazy. Ideally, I would let other people do my work for me.
Sadly, I'm finding that uploading greenspace is going t maek that more
difficult than I'd like :)

Because many of the greenspace areas surround -- completely -- water
areas, I'm alreadly seeing evidence of people tracing out water features
using tools like potlatch.

In general, if there was no water data, this would be great. However,
since there is, it's less great.

I'd like to get water features in there ASAP, s that people stop tracing
things that we already have :)

I'm thinking of using the MassGIS water data, for a couple reasons:

 1. It's edge-matched with existing MassGIS data, s the boundaries will
    line up and the ndes can be merged without rounding

 2. I know how to parse it, and to some extent, the data that's in

I also know that there is a plan to do NHD data, which achieves a
similar purpose. But I tried to follow links from the wikipage to NHD,
and couldn't *find* any data -- maps of data, descriptions of data, but
nthing I could download and play with.

So, here's the question:
 1. How badly does it screw up an NHD import if I upload Mass data from
    a different source?
 2. Who is working on NHD?
 3. If I help with NHD, what is the timeline before I can get
     Massachusetts data uploaded?

 4. How the heck can I find data to start playing with -- especially
    local data?

Thanks for any feedback,      
Christopher Schmidt

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