[Talk-us] National Park Mapping Party?

Apollinaris Schoell aschoell at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 04:18:27 BST 2009

> My take on the problem with Olympic National Park (where there is  
> pretty good data) is to just import all of the park trails (which I  
> found the National Forest Service has but NPS doesn't) and then as  
> I'm hiking around and working in the park I'll check the trails.  
> From a quick look at the Yahoo! aerial photography the park data  
> appears to be pretty much spot on (barring washouts, avalanches etc)  
> so I'm not foreseeing any problems with a bulk upload. For areas  
> where the USGS maps are better (they are notoriously awful here) you  
> can always use the USGS WMS server to get in preliminary trails. I  
> do definitely like the idea of a bunch of hikers ambling around our  
> national parks with gps units and going to town on OSM, though.

do you have a link for a USGS WMS server for JOSM? Is there a topo  
layer available in WGS84?


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