[Talk-us] CDPs and admin_level

Greg Troxel gdt at ir.bbn.com
Mon Oct 12 14:52:53 BST 2009

Anthony <osm at inbox.org> writes:

> Well, it's different because it's defined geographically, as a
> polygon, whereas UPS delivery zones and zip codes are defined as a set
> of addresses, which may or may not even be geographical (think APO
> addresses), and quite often don't map into a polygon.  But I'm not
> saying that should matter.

Fair enough, but as you said I'm not sure that matters - and I hereby
extend my example to the set of polygons defined by arbitary other
groups, which I assert is non-empty.

Another question is if these CDPs should be rendered on the default map;
I'd say no.  Would a renderer without special knowledge of admin_level
render them or ignore them?  Perhaps bogus arguments, but as a thought
experiment I think they make the point that these regions are
fundamentally different from what we think of as admin_level.  (And thus
worthy of a different tag.)

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