[Talk-us] Would Like To Clean Salt Lake City Street Names

Kevin Atkinson kevin at atkinson.dhs.org
Tue Aug 3 21:05:12 BST 2010

I'm almost done with this script.  It's not a full bot, but instead 
modifies an osm file which I will read back into JOSM and upload the 
changed parts (or if that doesn't work use one of the upload scripts). 
Changes in what It will do noted below.

On Sat, 31 Jul 2010, Kevin Atkinson wrote:

> Salt Lake City street names are a bit of a mess.  They are often several 
> redundant names:
>  name = South 900 East
>  name_1 = 900 East
>  name_2 = South 900  East (an extra space)
> and sometimes:
>  name_3 = 9th East
> I would like to write a bot (or semi-automated plugin for JOSM) to clean up 
> Sale Lake City Street Names so that they follow the following convention:
> 1) The "name" tag shall include the primary street name as signed, _without_ 
> the directional prefix, but with the "direction" (really part of the street 
> name and not a suffix) spelled out, for example "900 East". The street signs 
> do not generally include the directional prefix, and the prefix is generally 
> not considered part of the name.  They are only used when forming an address.

Unchanged.  I know the prefix may make forming addresses easier, but they 
are _not_ part of the name and _not_ signed that way in Salt Lake City, so 
I am removing the prefix.  Also, most printed maps _do not_ include the 

> 2) A new tag "name_prefix", shall contain the directional prefix as one
> of N, S, E, or W.  (I will document this tag on the wiki)

Changed to "name.prefix" after noticing a proposal to use the "." to 
specify prop. of a tag.  This will be very easy to fix if a different 
convention is agreed upon.

> 3) The "alt_name" tag shall include the full name with prefix, for example 
> "South 900 East".  This is primary to aid the name finder, I'm assuming it 
> won't get displayed on the map.

This is now "name.full"

> 4) The "loc_name" tag shall the #th name (ie 9th East) when the street is a 
> multiple of 100, as that form of the name is also very commonly used.


> 5) The "name_1" tag shell include the other signed named for a street (for 
> example Broadway for 300 South) when one exists.
> 6) The "alt_name_*" tags shall include any other names found in the "name_*" 
> tags which I can't make sense of.  These can be hand checked later.

I'm not going to do this.  Instead I am going to simply remove variants on 
"name" (for example all other names in the "900 East" example).  And than 
leave all other name_* and *_name alone (i.e. name_1, alt_name, etc). 
When the alternate name is a numbered street, it will get the ".prefix" 
and ".full" tags.  For example:
   name: Lorna Circle
   name_1: 3805 South
   name_1.prefix: W
   name_1.full: West 3805 South

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