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I have found that in almost every case, the road really is officially named "service road" or "frontage road" if the naming authority is a county or municipality. In most cases though, the naming authority for such roads generally belongs to the State, who gives the road a name like an official name North Highway 40 Frontage Road (with the direction always designated side of the highway the road runs along, not direction the road runs), and then shortens it on the sign.
The exceptions are when the state has an even more cryptic system that gives the frontage road an official name like R40N270170. This is common when the frontage or service road is technically a ramp. In those cases though, the roads rarely have signage.

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On 08/04/2010 07:09 AM, Richard Welty wrote:
> otherwise, i'd go with local usage. some places use Service Road,
> others use Frontage Road, and i'm sure there are other usages.

Either way though, that?s not the actual name of the road.  It?s a
description  of the road?s function.  (though sometimes they are
actually named that by the local municipality as well, YMMV)

?Alex Mauer ?hawke?

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