[Talk-us] How to get college students involved?

Stefan Brandle sbrandle at cse.taylor.edu
Tue Aug 10 14:36:07 BST 2010

 On 8/10/10 7:00 AM, talk-us-request at openstreetmap.org wrote:
> It would be cool to create a wiki page with ideas, resources, tips,
> and tricks for campus mapping.  The page could include links to past
> efforts.

Good idea. I'll have to start by learning this myself, but it would be
nice to have a wiki page with ideas as a target deliverable.

I teach computer science and want computing-related projects that can
really get the students engaged in computing. It seems that there must
be a number of very interesting projects lurking (or blatantly visible)
in mapping projects. And yes, I've been reading about the dangers of
bots on the rampage.  :-)  I was thinking more about code that reads
maps and answers questions, generates directions, etc.

-- sb
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