[Talk-us] Address Standard

Kevin Atkinson kevin at atkinson.dhs.org
Thu Aug 12 21:32:47 BST 2010

On Thu, 12 Aug 2010, Steven Johnson wrote:

> Well, hang on a tic... I don't know if you can really say, "...no one will
> manually enter in all those parts, especially since the distinction would be
> meaningless to most people." Just like breaking out the prefix, I think
> breaking out the address into a finer granularity makes the address more
> useful all around. And I think there's plenty of latent demand for improving
> address data in OSM.

First off, by "no one" I meant "most people", sorry I tend to be a bit too 
strong in my word choice.

Well it will be useful.  The question is if it worth the trouble.

> I whole-heartedly agree with you though that a large part of the address
> standard is beyond most OSM needs. So what parts of the standard can we take
> and which can we ignore (for now)? Some months ago I did a quick cross-walk
> of the address standard and the Karlsruhe schema. I'll try to dig it out and
> update it.

For now I just want to break out the prefix (and maybe the suffix) from 
the displayed name on the map which I hope we can agree on.  It will not 
be incompatible with a future move to a full breakout of the components of 
a street name.

Of course others are welcome to debate what parts of the standard should 
be used, I personally don't want to deal with them in my proposal.

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