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>  Just thought I would add that both the Google and ESRI programs allow for
> community edits, which we can get back out into our systems.
> Community BaseMaps even makes the data directly available to end users
> (potentially with database synchronization, so you can get only edits pushed
> out to you nightly).

None of that is available to "regular Joe Schmoe" (my definition of
"community"), though. I'm sure you have a contract in place ESRI that gives
you access to the Community Basemaps and a similar contract for Google's
setup. These contracts prevent your citizens from using the data in the same
way that OSM would allow them to.

> What we want out of our data upload is a publically available common
> basemap that provides an equal base to our enterprise applications and to
> public mashup developers with no mapping experience. What we offer to
> support that is the work of our 20+ cartographers who have direct access to
> resources that no one outside their office has access to.

When you say a basemap, are you describing the actual data or the images
that would be placed behind mashups or enterprise applications?
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