[Talk-us] US highway tagging and relations

Matthias Versen spam at mversen.de
Sun Feb 7 23:43:41 GMT 2010

Jeff Barlow wrote:

> local parts of these two roads. Now I see that someone with the
> user name "dysteleologist" has changed much of US 20 NW of Bend
> to highway = trunk. This seems inappropriate to me for a two lane
> country road with stop signs.
> I have no idea who this person is or how to contact them.

Use http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/dysteleologist to send him a 
message. You can mail every User through the OSM system.

> Secondly, I find the JOSM relation editing functionality pretty
> opaque and undocumented. The JOSM help buttons seem to be totally
> nonfunctional. I have mostly guessed how to use it. I have no

There is a tooltip on each button and i find it easy to understand the 
function behind it. Feel free to create a wiki help page for the JOSM 
Relation Editor.

> clue what the little symbols in the right column of the member
> list mean, nor what the order of those members is supposed to
> represent, if anything.

That little Icon shows if the Relation Member is connected to the 
new/previous Member.
If you edit a border Relation you should get a "circle" if all Relation 
Members are in the right position and are connected to each other = the 
border is ok.


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