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Um, actually, I am talking about a disagreement on the order of 500+ sq mi difference between the agencies on what constitutes "St Louis"

As for the boundary disputes, lots do not go to boundary dispute, as they are simply resolved by taxing jurisdiction. Most boundary disputes are on the scale of 40-160 acres, but we have had some as large as 60+ sq mi (which ended with an incorporation vote to resolve it).

The only real difference with a boundary dispute is that there are officially recorded documents that can serve as evidence of the boundaries. Of course, these conflict wildly (and sometimes for decades). It can take a court case to decide which document is correct; and these documents are rarely used for defining OSM boundaries anyway.
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> The St Louis County Planning Department, St Louis Planning and Urban Design Agency, St Louis Regional Chamber of Commerce and Growth Association, and US Post Office all have different definitions of the boundaries of "St Louis" even though it has one of the oldest most clearly defined geographic boundaries in the United States. Among the 91 cities in our county, there have been 54 boundary disputes resolved within the past 3 years, and 489 such disputes in the last 50 years (the use of GIS is leading to the discovery of more boundary discrepancies).
> Just because there is disagreement over a boundary does not mean that those boundaries do not exist and are not well defined.

Totally different thing - you're talking about small-scale
disagreements on the order of a lot.

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