[Talk-us] Boundaries of cities used in postal addresses?

Lord-Castillo, Brett BLord-Castillo at stlouisco.com
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We try to maintain zip code boundaries using existing parcel boundaries and a list of known addresses that we get from the postal service every quarter. Zip codes do change significantly on a quarterly basis though, depending on new addresses, retired addresses, vacant addresses, PO box demand, and delivery demand. To add to this, zip codes are clearly not contiguous with themselves. They very definitely skip around, sometimes even skipping around among addresses within a parcel (and even more so when you get into the ZIP+4, which is what you need to assign specific community names). Even with full time people working on it, it is a nightmare that we only really do every couple of years for ~500 sq mi.
It is possible, but certainly not easy.

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Would it be possible to get the boundaries of the areas where a
certain place name is accepted by the USPS in addresses? For example,
any places not within the Orlando city limits have Orlando, FL
addresses, and someone searching for said place is likely to type that
into the search box. Are these simply combinations of areas covered by
zip codes? If so, is there a suitable source for zip code boundaries,
or are they copyrighted by the USPS?

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