[Talk-us] Highway shields

Val Kartchner val42k at gmail.com
Thu Nov 25 19:53:18 GMT 2010

I know that we've discussed this before, and there was no consensus to
change the current rendering.  However, I think that we should to better
than the other mapping services.  We should have a shield for highways
that have such.

Despite the images that I gave that demonstrated otherwise, there were
more people that thought that adding shields made the numbers unreadable
than those who thought they were readable.  What if, instead, we put the
shields before the numbers.  So, for instance UT-67 would be rendered
(as an ASCII example) like this "[]67)"  Where "[]" is the shield, "67"
is the number, and ")" is the oval (also around 67) that is currently

What do you think about this?

- Val -

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