[Talk-us] Highway Tagging Consensus to Improve OSM (and address some of 41 latitude's concerns)

Anthony osm at inbox.org
Tue Oct 26 20:59:03 BST 2010

On Tue, Oct 26, 2010 at 2:06 PM, Alex Mauer <hawke at hawkesnest.net> wrote:
> On 10/26/2010 12:42 PM, Anthony wrote:
>> As for the question of tagging, basically you can use relations, or
>> you can hack something up to simulate relations (specifically, to
>> handle the very common situation where there is more than one route
>> using the same way) without actually using relations.
> I haven’t seen anyone say that route relations are not the way to go. Have
> you?

I've seen dispute as to whether or not there's a need to invent an
interim solution.

>> Then there's the question of how to render it.  Probably something to
>> discuss on a different list, like a mapnik-specific one.
> Why?  It’s a mostly US-specific problem, though I hear that at least shield
> rendering is also desired in Australia.

I get the feeling that on a mapnik list you'll get more people who
care about how mapnik renders things.  But maybe I'm wrong about that.
 If so, hopefully you can at least keep the mapnik-specific discussion
in a separate thread, for those of us who couldn't care less about

(I also think the mapnik-specific discussion would benefit from people
who understand what mapnik is capable of, and how difficult it would
be to implement various suggestions, regardless of whether or not the
people with that expertise care about the US.)

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