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Ian Dees ian.dees at gmail.com
Mon Jul 11 22:28:55 BST 2011

Count me in for a Fall day in Minneapolis. There should be a small
contingent willing to show up around here.

On Mon, Jul 11, 2011 at 4:23 PM, Steve Coast <steve at asklater.com> wrote:

> So here's my solution.
> We take aim at a date like GIS day in November (I think) or a nice Saturday
> near to it. We run a national day of mapping parties trying to get one per
> state on the same day. Each party organizer is responsible for picking a
> venue with wifi and contacting local press.
> We have a central website like "mappingpartyday.com/Seattle" would be a
> simple page for the Seattle party. Different pages for each city/state.
> The front page has media and pictures etc posted throughout the day.
> We do this together and help each other out with ideas, get our local media
> involved. Together, we can get the national media involved if we have enough
> states participating.
> And it's not much more work than any other mapping party.
> I figure we could get WA, CA, CO, OR (thats you dave), Washington DC, NY,
> TX and now TN with Chattanooga.
> If these 7-8 or so core communities across the US would be up for it, just
> scheduling a mapping party on the same day, then without a doubt we could
> get more states involved like AZ or IL where there are people who just need
> a little bit of encouragement to get going.
> So, how about it?
> Steve
> On 7/6/2011 6:50 PM, Kai Krueger wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Over the past, there have be a number of discussions about why the US OSM
>> community is not as successful as those in the UK and Germany, blaming to
>> various degrees e.g. data imports, usability or other aspects. However,
>> for
>> these factors to influence OSM uptake, people need to have heard of OSM to
>> begin with.
>> To see how much of a problem this is, I went out and asked random people
>> working in hiking, biking and other outdoor shops here in Boulder, CO if
>> they knew about OSM. Out of the couple of dozen people I have asked, not a
>> single person had ever heard of OSM. Once I explained to them what OSM
>> was,
>> most of them thought it was an interesting idea and would have a look at
>> it.
>> Given that those were perhaps some of the most favorable conditions to
>> stumble upon people who have heard about OSM, it is clear that OSM has a
>> publicity problem in the US.
>> The question thus is how can we increase awareness of OSM?
>> One obvious way is to try and get more press coverage about OSM. Looking
>> at
>> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/**wiki/OpenStreetMap_in_the_**media<http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OpenStreetMap_in_the_media>however, there
>> doesn't seem to have been much coverage this year yet in the US and a
>> bunch
>> of it was HOT related.
>> Can we as a community encourage more press coverage?
>> Although, national mainstream press would have the highest reach, it is
>> probably much harder to convince them that a story about OSM would be in
>> the
>> interest of their readers. It might also be harder to then convince the
>> readers that OSM is in their best interest.
>> Contacting local and specialist magazins might thus make it easier to
>> construct a compelling story for their readers and thus increase the
>> willingness of the media to report about it.
>> So perhaps we could start by identifying the various special interest
>> groups
>> to which OSM has more to offer than the established map providers like
>> Google Maps. Then collect concrete examples of what OSM has to offer them
>> beyond the existing providers in these specialist domains, and finally
>> coordinate contacting these specialist magazines to explain to them why it
>> would be in the best interest of their readers to bring a story on OSM.
>> Have people done things like this? How was the reaction of the media to
>> these kind of contacts?
>> Do people have other ideas of how to increase awareness of OSM? E.g.
>> booths
>> on relevant trade shows? Are there things that OSM-US as an organisation
>> can
>> provide?
>> Kai
>> P.S. perhaps interestingly, non of the people I talked to, after
>> explaining
>> OSM, asked if this is similar to Google Map Maker. So perhaps Google Map
>> Maker also has a publicity problem. But that isn't really our concern...
>> ;-)
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