[Talk-us] NOAA Composite Shoreline

Adam Schreiber sadam at clemson.edu
Wed Jul 13 21:38:11 BST 2011


As the person that imported the NHD shoreline for most of the southern
east coast, I can tell you that I mainly tried to fix directional
errors and obvious missing features.  Correcting to imagery was beyond
the scope of the effort as that was back when we were just trying to
get something workable in and not throw errors on the coastline



On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 2:47 PM, Josh Doe <josh at joshdoe.com> wrote:
> Has anyone looked at the NOAA Composite Shoreline? It seems to have much
> better accuracy (as in orders of magnitude better) than the PGS shoreline
> that was imported, at least for the small portion I checked in Virginia.
> Unless there are better sources, I'll probably use this to fixup Virginia's
> coast piece by piece in JOSM at some point.
> -Josh
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