[Talk-us] Trimet, Portland, Oregon updates

Dave Hansen dave at sr71.net
Wed Mar 9 23:11:47 GMT 2011

On Wed, 2011-03-09 at 14:27 -0800, PJ Houser wrote:
> 2) Since we are using two jurisdictional datasets for editing and
> adding streets and trails, should we delete the TIGER tags if we
> change a way based on our datasets? 

I'd say to just leave them.  People realize that if it got moved since
DaveHansenTiger that it shouldn't be treated as original TIGER data.

But, if there's anything inaccurate in there, don't hesitate to blow
them away.  They're not important.

> 3) In TIGER data, there are name parts, i.e. name_direction_prefix,
> name_direction_suffix, name_base, name_type. Should we imitate that in
> our datasets' tags? So far, we have made the jurisdictional data
> include the tags for name parts and a tag for full name. Should we
> just include the full name? Or do we need to keep the name parts for
> some geocoders or some other reason? 

I wouldn't worry about the weirdo TIGER bits.  If you change the name,
I'd probably just also delete the partial name tags.  

-- Dave

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