[Talk-us] Trimet, Portland, Oregon updates

Mike N niceman at att.net
Thu Mar 10 00:38:38 GMT 2011

> 2) Since we are using two jurisdictional datasets for editing and adding
> streets and trails, should we delete the TIGER tags if we change a way
> based on our datasets?

   If you make any change, do only what's easiest for you while you are 
editing - it's fine to leave or remove the tags; the way history can be 
inspected for anyone interested.

> 3) In TIGER data, there are name parts, i.e. name_direction_prefix,
> name_direction_suffix, name_base, name_type. Should we imitate that in
> our datasets' tags? So far, we have made the jurisdictional data include
> the tags for name parts and a tag for full name. Should we just include
> the full name? Or do we need to keep the name parts for some geocoders
> or some other reason?

   There is this well-written proposal: 
, but I'll admit that it's above my head.   It may make more sense for 
some cities than others, depending on their layout.   At least I don't 
know that it's useful for the cities I am familiar with.   I would say 
it's optional for your project.

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