[Talk-us] Proposed cleanup: NHD "rivers"

Nakor nakor.osm at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 14:30:05 GMT 2011

On 3/20/2011 8:30 PM, Mike N wrote:
> On 3/20/2011 8:18 PM, Ian Dees wrote:
>> There were several clients that did not attempt to connect the ways of
>> each NHD linestring so there are duplicated nodes and ways that touch
>> but aren't joined. Hopefully fixing this is what Paul was talking about.
>   Agreed - this is a safe case of duplicate node removal: when all 
> items touching duplicate nodes are of type hydro - river, stream, 
> lake, reservoir, etc (I forget the exact tag names).
>    Just combining segments within the same reach code will frequently 
> produce ways containing > 500 nodes, which makes editing more 
> complicated, and does not make any improvement to the usability of the 
> map data.

Having done some NHD imports I have experienced that sometimes the nodes 
are very close but not duplicates. I usually merged any nodes that were 
less than a few inches apart (can't remember the exact value) before 


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