[Talk-us] Cool ITO World US and Canada coverage

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Mar 26 09:31:25 GMT 2011


Alan Mintz wrote:
>> http://itoworld.blogspot.com/2011/03/ito-map-extended-to-cover-usa-canada.html
> Great tool for visualizing speed limits, FIXMEs, layers, etc.!

The ITO tool indeed has a number of cool and unique features. The FIXME 
layer that you mention is however nothing new as it has been available 
for a long time already in OSM Inspector:


Not all of Inspector's views are available for the whole planet, but the 
  following are, and have been for quite some time now:

tagging - for FIXMEs, misspelled/empty tags etc.;
geometry - for ultra-long and self-intersecting ways etc.;
multipolygon - for buggy multipolygons;
places - for place tag analysis and debugging;
highways - for highway tag analysis and debugging

A distinct feature of OSMI is that many of these views are at least 
partly rendered even when zoomed out very far (whole US). In cases where 
OSMI would normally e.g. highlight a way, when zoomed out it will place 
a big dot or other symbol there so that it is visible even though it 
would theoretically only be 0.2 pixels big at that zoom level.

Also, OSMI will (space permitting) write textual error messages directly 
on the map, and you can click on highlighted things to retrieve details.


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