[Talk-us] using address interpolation with building polygons

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Mon Mar 28 23:07:09 BST 2011

On 3/28/11 5:13 PM, Antony Pegg wrote:
> Hi Richard,
> I *think* the short answer is that you don't have to include the 
> address point node/way into the interpolated way
> I dont know whether or not its the "correct" way of doing things, but 
> I know what works with Nominatim
> Address points trump interpolation every time
i think that what you're describing is what i would consider 
correct/appropriate behavior. maybe
the thing to do is update the wiki page on the addr key to state this 
explicitly so that usage
is consistent.
> Unfortunately I dont have an example where the building is in the 
> middle of the interpolation way
i don't really see a way to do it.

this leaves the open question of what to do in an area where building 
outlines have been
done, but not all addresses are known, as the known addresses would 
normally be on the
building polygons. i'm working on "downtown" West Sand Lake, NY right 
now and not
all the buildings have clearly visible house numbers, which is a 
motivation for interpolation,
but since i'm doing building outlines there are no nodes with known 
addresses to go into
the interpolation ways. if i create nodes for addresses, then i would 
have addresses appearing
twice. any solution i can come up with strikes me as making things messier.


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