[Talk-us] using address interpolation with building polygons

Antony Pegg apegg at nexuspro.com
Mon Mar 28 22:13:29 BST 2011

Hi Richard,

I *think* the short answer is that you don't have to include the address 
point node/way into the interpolated way

I dont know whether or not its the "correct" way of doing things, but I 
know what works with Nominatim

Address points trump interpolation every time

if you have an interpolation from 101-199 MadeUp street, and add the 
building poly with addr:housenumber=151 and addr:street=MadeUp Street 
etc etc on it, when you search in nominatim for 151 MadeUp street, it 
will locate the building polygon.

Heres an example:

search for: 260 Hearst Way
to get one end of the line (it has a point, because the point is the end 
of the 222-260)

search for: 240 Hearst Way
to get the interpolated middle of the line

search for: 222 Hearst Way
to get two POINT results
  - first the point marking the end of the interpolated line
  - secondly the actual address point added on the building polygon

Unfortunately I dont have an example where the building is in the middle 
of the interpolation way


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