[Talk-us] Address improvement through imports?

Nathan Mills nathan at nwacg.net
Wed Nov 2 21:31:56 GMT 2011

 On Wed, 2 Nov 2011 09:35:58 -0400, Steven Johnson wrote:
> Up to now, weve been talking largely about addresses as point
> features. However, one thing I think would be good to have is block
> ranges on streets. What I mean is a tag that indicates this is the
> 1000 block, the 1100 block, the 1200 block, etc. Rather than being a
> point feature attached to buildings, it would be a tag associated 
> with
> the way. It would be much easier to implement, make the map 
> renderings
> much more presentable at small scales, and provide better address
> utility than presently exists.

 Do we really want to go down the road of breaking up every way every 
 block? It's bad enough trying to make changes to tags for long roads 
 thanks to bridges and other breaks.

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