[Talk-us] What should a US map of OSM data look like

Jim McAndrew jim at loc8.us
Tue Sep 13 00:26:40 BST 2011

If we're going to be picking apart the style.. I have a few things to add:

* Trails (hiking/biking) are often darker than roadways
* Limited Access highways (blue) should be darker, wider, etc.. made to
stand out more
* I really like the tolls idea, the data is there.. if you look at the PA/NJ
bridges in open.mapquest.com versus normal mapquest.com, you'll see that the
toll bridges actually show up as such in open, but not the main version.
* Powerlines are cool to map, but they clutter the map a lot of the time
too, they should be lighter in color
* Municipalities boundaries are really interesting too, but usually they're
just clutter

Jim McAndrew

On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 5:06 PM, Metcalf, Calvin (DOT) <
calvin.metcalf at state.ma.us> wrote:

> Shields def, also using the interstate, (urbal/rural) arterial,
> collectorand local nomenclature instead of trunk, primary, secondary.   Fix
> the labling issues related to mulitiple cities near each other (ie Cambridge
> and all of the cities bordering Boston).
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> On 9/12/2011 5:57 PM, Richard Weait wrote:
> > A few of us were just asking on irc what a US-style tile theme would
> > look like?
> Many printed US maps emphasize divided highways (often including
> undivided multilane highways). Perhaps a thicker line style at low zooms
> where lanes>=4 or oneway=yes -lanes=1.
> A separate color for toll=yes (like MapQuest does, but also for toll
> non-motorways).
> Fix bloody Georgia and the way the trunks (and other highways) blend
> into the trees.
> Render shields at lower resolutions, since the US is not as dense as the
> UK.
> De-emphasize railways at lower zooms.
> Label motorways with both name and number where both are tagged (this
> would be useful even in Europe).
>  > Ian Dees liked the idea of fewer different colors for roads, blue /
>  > motorway, green / trunk, red / primary ...
> I'm not sure what the point of this would be - there's definitely enough
> variation in importance for all these classifications to be useful.
>  > For extra credit, can it also look good in Canada and Mexico?
> Canada and the US have rather similar road systems, so what works in one
> should be good for the other. I believe Mexico has a fair number of
> rural non-motorway toll roads.
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