[Talk-us] Brainstorm: What should a US map of OSM data look like

Metcalf, Calvin (DOT) calvin.metcalf at state.ma.us
Tue Sep 13 13:27:57 BST 2011

Or maybe we can tag for density level ? 

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>Toby Murray <toby.murray at gmail.com> writes:
>> This might be partially a tagging issue but I think it 
>affects rendering
>> too.
>> It would be nice to change the zoom level at which 
>cities/towns are rendered
>> in rural areas. I should not be able to get a map with no 
>place names on it
>> in western Kansas
>I agree, and it's not just cities/towns but everything else.  In a lot
>of rural areas there isn't so much and it would be nice to show gas
>stations, restaurants, etc. and much lower-numbered zoom levels.
>Basically, add things until you almost get clutter :-)   Currently we
>have static plans suitable for dense areas, which seems like a sane
>I see this more as a rendering than tagging improvement, 
>although we may
>need importance hints in tags.

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