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Thu Sep 15 19:01:37 BST 2011

I can answer some (but not all) of your questions, Josh:

On Thu, Sep 15, 2011 at 12:12 PM, Josh Doe <josh at joshdoe.com> wrote:

> I'm having trouble finding any information about the elections for the
> OSM US chapter, though people have already started to add nominees:
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Foundation/Local_Chapters/United_States#Elections_for_2011-2012_Board
> When is the election? bylaws say "At the first organizational
> meeting", whenever that happened or will happen
> What are the procedures for voting?
> What is the expected or desired commitment from board members?
> Can current board members run again?
> I have many other questions unrelated to the election like:
> Where are the minutes (or summary if minutes aren't approved) from the
> 21 April, 2011 meeting?

There never was a 21 April, 2011 meeting. The last meeting was March 3rd,

> Where are the financial reports?

They're being worked on as we speak.

> What assets does the Chapter have? e.g  cash, investments, servers and
> other hardware

In general, our assets consist of roughly $5000 in server hardware and $2000
in promotional materials.

> Who administers the server resources? (Ian and ?)

Just me right now. I'm working on changing that and getting it to a point
where it's more consolidated, documented, and easier to maintain.

> Will administration of the servers change after the election?

That has not been determined.

> What are Chapter servers being utilized for now?

Currently they are serving http://openstreetmap.us/ and http://toposm.com/.
I'm attempting to get a rendering database set up but it's taking longer
than expected. The virtualization system we set up has a greater IO impact
than I expected.

> What are the ongoing operations and maintenance costs for the servers?

Currently $0.00. All ongoing costs are donated.

> What projects are going on now or will be started after the election,

In terms of projects utilizing the server hardware:
- Near term: I'd like to get Richard's shields overlay rendering and start
working with people interested in getting a US-specific rendering going.
- Longer term: I'd like to find storage for helping service aerial imagery,
try to get another JXAPI instance going, and start implementing "alternative
OSM APIs" for people interested in mapping stuff that wouldn't otherwise fit
into OSM (e.g. historical maps, Burning Man, etc.)

> and what are the financial commitments?
> How many members are there?

There are currently 19 paying members.

> Has the Technical, Education & Student Outreach or US Tagging working
> groups ever met?
> I feel like there must be some mailing list or Google Group that I
> don't know about for me to be missing this much information.

There is a mailing list for the board members, but otherwise when we
communicate with the members it's via the talk-us mailing list or via direct
e-mail contact.

> -Josh
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